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IMG_0395The MWV Children’s Museum is ready to welcome  you as members of our family!   You are also welcome as day visitors to explore the MWV Children’s Museum during hours of operation.

Play is so important in our lives.   I find that I have to carve out time that is simply, playtime or I miss out.   I bet many of you feel the same way.   Fridays at the MWV Children’s Museum have been historically a time for playgroups.   These groups start informally and then a pattern emerges, week after week, month after month, playgroup moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas keep coming back.  They develop a routine of carving out time to play at the MWV Children’s Museum.   Many friendships have started this way.

We are a community.  We support each other.  We learn from one another and yes, we play together.   The MWV Children’s Museum is now a bigger and better place to play.  We QUADRUPLED in size since November of 2009.   As I walked the space today, I smiled.  I thought about when I started four 1/2 years ago and we were one room and a gift shop area.   It was the perfect start for us and we are so thankful to our founders for giving us that start!  Today, we have grown and growing up is wonderfully challenging.
Many hands built the MWV Children’s Museum and many more hands are needed.  We need you to believe in the power of play and become members.  Membership is an investment in our community and in the greater community as a whole.  Attend events.  Donate your time, resources and invest in our development.IMG_0335

We host birthday parties as well as other events.   We are a site for social programs such as the Tri County Cap Workplace Success Program and the ABLE Network’s job placement program.   We run a thrift store that sell gently used maternity, women’s and children’s clothing.   We are a resouce for family activities throughout the Valley and we serve this community very well!

We hope you will visit us, become a member, book a birthday, visit our FREE store, donate time, resource and talent and grow with us!

All the best,
Shelly Morin
Executive Director MWV Children’s Museum
(603) 356-2992 – [email protected]


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