Annual Appeal


We need donations of cash and services to help our children’s museum serve our community. If you have other ideas of how to help – we would love to hear about them!

You can donate funds

You can donate time and talents – contact us so we can make it happen
You can donate services.
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Why Gift To Your Local Children’s Museum?

sunshine-icon  We serve through outreach and museum exploration 34,000 folks a year.

sunshine-icon  We gift $12,000 worth of goods/services a year.

sunshine-icon  2,000 gifted visits for locals in 2014­2015.

sunshine-icon  2014­present host of SAU 9’s preschool screening for kindergarten readiness evaluations.

sunshine-icon  $70,000 must be raised every year through grants, events and donations.

sunshine-icon  Admissions and memberships cover only 50% of our costs.


Having a children’s museum in town is very special! Most children’s museums are in big metropolitan areas.

Every donation helps you local children’s museum!

$20 Can buy needed supplies ­toilet paper & disinfectant, crayons & coloring paper.

$50 Can fund a music class for toddlers or gift a membership to a financially struggling family.$100 Can paint a room, improve an exhibit or fund a traveling zoo show.

$100 Can paint a room, improve an exhibit or fund a traveling zoo show.

$200 Can cover volunteer expenses for 3 months or print the programming calendar.

$500 Can pay the utilities for a month, offset heat expenses or the rent. 

$1000 Can be instrumental in developing a new exhibit, adding more technology and more.

Give what you can as a cash donation to support your children’s museum or give the gift of you.   

“What else can I do?” on our website page ​​. Every donation of $50 or more will be gifted as a thank you, a free one year membership to the MWV Children’s Museum. You can use this membership for your family or gift it to another family.

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