Museum Hours and Admission

MWV Children’s Museum Hours

Important Notice:
The MWV Children’s Museum will remain in
hibernation until it is safe to reopen.

We look forward to the wonderful day
when we will be playing together again. Thank You!


Admission Rates                                                     

  •  $10.00 per person ages 1 and up.

  •  Family Membership prices are $60.00 per family (up to 6 people.) Become a member and invest in our museum!***

We accept cash, checks, and Visa and Mastercard credit cards. Effective January 8th 2020 there will be a $2.00 fee for credit cards. These fees fund free play for low-income kids.

Please note that it is our policy to check signatures on credit cards. If your card is not signed we will require a license or other form of ID. This is to ensure your safety, we appreciate your understanding and support in this matter.


We are part of the 2020 FUN Pass. Check out for more information!

American Museum Association Members: 

New in February 2019! If a family is a member of the American Museum Association (AMA), they will receive 1 FREE admission per family. This is not a reciprocity policy for all museums just for members of the American Museum Association (AMA.) We are not directly affiliated in this reciprocity program but realize that many museum families assume that we are a part of the program. Thus we want to exceed your expectations. Coming soon in April 2020, we will be offering Reciprocal Membership options for purchase. More information coming soon!

 Military Discount Program:

As of 2016, we gift FREE admission to both past and present military families. This applies to the immediate family only. If a grandparent is a military family and is bringing in their grandchildren to play, the grandparent and the grandchildren would be considered immediate. The parents of the grandchildren would be subject to admission. Other family members and friends would be subject to admission. We thank all veterans and active duty military personnel for their service to our country.  We also gift FREE MEMBERSHIPS to military families, past and present. Inquire at the Front desk during your visit. We appreciate donations towards this program.    

 Everybody Plays Program:
We believe that play is a birthright and that everyone regardless of ability to pay our admission fees should play. If your family cannot afford our admission costs, your family can make a donation of what is affordable. If your family cannot afford our admissions fee and your child(ren) has(ve) NH Medicaid or Maine Care insurance, we will gift your family a FREE membership for the year. The purpose of the Healthy Kids Membership is to gift a FREE membership to a child(ren) whose parents do not have the ability to pay. The parents are on the membership with the child(ren). If 2 parents are not involved in child rearing, the child’s primary mother/father and co-parent are on the membership. Friends, extended family and boyfriends, girlfriends are added at $15.00 per person.

We do not have any financial support for this program. This program is intended for families who cannot afford our modest admission or membership fees. If you can pay, please do. We are a local, non profit organization and appreciate any and all efforts to pay our fees.  **This program is reserved for all of New Hampshire and Southern Maine. If you can pay please do.** 

Re-Admittance Policy: As long as we are not at capacity, you are welcome to leave and come back on the same day. However, if you do leave and we do reach capacity, we cannot admit you until spaces open.

Membership Policy

Family Membership: Up to 6 people unlimited visits for one year for only $60.00!

Just the 2 of us: 2 people unlimited visits for only $35.00.

Add-ons: $15.00 per person.

Current members pay no daily admission.

All of our memberships are non-transferable. The people listed on the membership have to be the same. Add-ons are only $15.00 per person.

You may leave at any time and come back the same day without an additional charge unless we are at capacity. Group rates are available, contact us for information, 356-2992.

Membership is a great option for anyone who visits 3 times or more a year! The cost of a family membership is only $60.00 for a family up to 6 people. Please inquire at the front desk about become a member of our children’s museum community. Members can visit an unlimited amount of times per year (great) but must observe our capacity policy and are not guaranteed immediate admittance on busy days. If your membership has expired, we will require that you purchase a renewal for your family or daily admissions.

Admissions Reservations

We do not accept general admissions reservations. We do book school groups, clubs and birthday parties. These groups must call in advance and pre-pay. Groups must be official such as the girl scouts, a recreation department or school or preschool. We also recognize and support homeschooling groups. Groups must be of 10 or more to book a reservation. They must pre-pay with credit card over the phone or send in a check payment. We do not refund payment on the day of the reservation but happily will refund the full payment up to 24 hours before the reservation. Groups must arrive at 10:00 am.


The MWV Children’s Museum is a very popular place every day- but rainy days especially in July and August. We encourage families on rainy days to get here early (10:00 am) for the best shot at smooth entry. If we do reach capacity, a short wait is usually the result but there are no guarantees as to the length of the wait. We do not reserve spots except for in the case of organized official groups and members are also subject to this capacity policy. Organized, official groups must call in advance and reserve their spaces and pre-pay with a check or credit card. Organized, official groups that have reserved and pre-paid must arrive at 10:00 am. Please know we hate to keep guests waiting but we have to honor the fire code for the building. Thank you!

Our Storm Policy

The MWV Children’s Museum may delay or stay closed during episodes of inclement winter weather. If our local school district cancels school, we will be closed. If our local school district has a delay, we will have a delayed opening. We may also opt to close early when issues of safety arise based on conditions. Guests and members are advised to call the MWVCM at 356-2992 or visit our website for more information.

Cleaning Policy: The health and safety of each and every family is very important to us. Children can pick up germs anywhere as they walk through the world. Staff and volunteers clean and disinfect toys in the museum daily. All surfaces that hands touch are cleaned daily to eliminate the spread of germs. We close 2 play centers, The Grocery Store, and The Healthy Eating Restaurant at 2 pm to clean and disinfect. We stay after hours to clean and disinfect each play center. We have hand sanitizer at the front desk for your family. We have hand sanitizer by the front door for your family.

Shoes/ Boots Policy

During messy weather we ask families to please remove their shoes/boots in the entryway of the museum. We encourage guests to bring a dry pair of shoes or slippers to make yourselves more comfortable. We thank you in advance for your understanding.


Group policy

Schools are not charged for up to 4 chaperones. We require that a representative call ahead of time to schedule the visit and that one check or credit card be used to pre-pay for the entire group. Groups must arrive by 10:00 am. We proudly support homeschooling. Homeschoolers are encouraged to come to us as a group and reserve a reservation for their group to attend. All groups must have at least 10 members attending. We do have a special day care/preschool membership.

If children coming in your group are on their parent or grandparent’s membership, it is important to let the front desk staff know the name. If a membership has expired, we will require payment for that child(ren’s) admittance. Pre-planning is essential! Please call (603) 356-2992 and inquire about this very special offering.

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