MWV Children’s Museum Official Pokemon League

      Introducing the MWV Children’s Museum Official Pokemon League


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What is the Pokemon League? 

The Pokemon League is for children ages 7 and up, it is a chance to get together with other children, play the Pokemon trading card game and socialize. 

Is this a drop-off Club? 

No. The reason being because children will be trading cards and those cards have value and parents have to approve those trades before the kids go home. The MWV Children’s Museum is looking for a community of involvement for children 7 and up. 

Is there a fee?

Yes. There is a small monthly fee of $5.00 per child to offset the costs that we will incur providing insurance for the event and other miscellaneous “stuff” that always comes up. If you cannot afford to pay, you don’t.

Financial Hardship Help. What?

Some kids don’t play Pokemon because they cannot afford to get the cards. It makes them feel left out and they miss out on social interactions. Those kids can come at no cost to the meetings and they can borrow a collection from us to play and even trade to get that experience.

Commitment for involvement. How much?

We ask that you spread the word about our awesomeness. We are looking for you to stay during the meetings. The meeting Schedule is posted below.

Pokemon League Schedule 2017-2018:

All meetings are on Saturdays at 2 pm at the NH Sports and Gaming Shop

Saturday September 16th 2 pm- 3 pm

Saturday October 21st 2 pm- 3 pm

** New Date** Saturday November 18th 2 pm- 3 pm

Saturday December 9th 2 pm- 4 pm Winter Pokefest

**New Date** Saturday January 20th 2 pm- 3 pm

**New Date** Saturday February 24th 2 pm-3 pm

Saturday March 10th 2 pm- 3 pm

Saturday April 14th 2 pm- 3 pm

Saturday May 19th 2 pm- 3 pm

Saturday June 9th 2 pm- 3 pm




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