Fairies and Other Magical Creatures House Tour

Dear Creative Friend,

Fairy house building is for artists of all kinds.  It is for lovers of nature.  It is for schools, libraries, florists, businesses, not for profit organizations, civic organizations, associations and folks of all ages.  We want you to build fairy houses of all shapes, sizes, themes and purposes.   


Why?!  The MWV Children’s Museum’s Third Annual Rayne’s Fairy Festival- The Year of the Mischievous Spirit!  Hundreds of children and adults of all ages will attend.  It is at Cranmore Ski Mountain on Friday, June 9th, Saturday, June 10th, and Sunday, June 11th.


This year we are limiting the Fairy House Contest to Businesses and Professionals only. Drop off will be at Cranmore at a later determined date. Pick up will be at 2 PM on Sunday June 11th 2017 at Cranmore. Prizes are gift baskets that will be given to the 1st place winner, 2nd place winner, and 3rd place winner. Celebrity Judges will determine the winners based on structure, theatricality, and creative use of natural materials.   


Families and Individuals can build small fairy houses. These fairy houses will become part of our Fairy Garden at the MWV Children’s Museum and photos of this garden will be at our Fairy Festival located at Cranmore Mountain Resort. The small fairy houses made by families will be considered a donation and will become property of the MWV Children’s Museum. You should not plan to pick up.


You may contact us at the MWV Children’s Museum with any questions at 356-2992 or email [email protected].  The form for you to return is on the back of this sheet.  Think about coming to this wonderful FREE event on June 9th-11th and see all of the creations and participate in the fun!  

Thank You!  Shelly Morin, executive director, 356-2992, [email protected]   

The Rules: Any size

Houses must be light enough for one adult to pick up and move

Unlimited Entries

Nothing Scary (Young Child Appropriate)

Do NOT drop off Professional Houses at the MWVCM

Must be created with 90% natural materials

Donated Fairy Garden Houses may be dropped off at the MWVCM starting on June 1st 2017.



 Click here to download the HouseBuildingLetter2017! Print it out and send it along to our mailing address P.O. Box 2602 North Conway, NH 03860 or scan and email to [email protected]









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