The MWV Children's Museum - building tomorrow's grown-ups by providing opportunities for children and their care givers to learn through play.


Please touch, try and "create" something new...


See more, do more, "imagine" what is possible  and build it.


Hear that voice inside of you as you "explore" the potential of this and every environment.

 Operation Hours are 10 to 3 daily. 

The last ticket of the day is sold at 2:30 PM.


The MWV Children’s Museum is incorporating an exciting, thoughtful, fun, informative exhibit from The Children’s Museum of Cleveland OH. It is called “I Feel”. The “I Feel Exhibit” will be added to the space. The MWV Children’s Museum is being redesigned for special events and special programming and the “I Feel” section will not be open as a daily offering. This exhibit is meant to be a guided teaching experience and will be used to help our community to educate and entertain about the dynamic inner world of feelings.

Special shows of “I Feel” will be offered first to members only. We will contact our members, which are over 2,100 families and sign you up if you are interested in these sneak peak performances.

We are growing up! These changes represent $20,000 of improvements that between January and February will be manifested. All of your child’s favorite toys and offerings are still open but may be in different places. It is fun to learn and explore. Thank you for navigating the world of change, knowing that even really great changes cause big feelings. We’ve got this!

Shelly Morin, executive director

To learn more about the I Feel Exhibit please watch the video at


We are actively seeking sponsors for our new Exhibit. Please see letter for more information.  Sponsorship I FEEL



Fundraiser Alert!

Membership does not extend beyond 3 pm. $5.00 fee per person beyond 3 pm.





Recruiting Volunteers!

**The MWV Children’s Museum is designed for children from birth to age 7 years old. After age 7, play needs change. We are focused on imaginative play. Older children 8 years old and up are very welcome but not our museum’s play focus. Many of our programs serve older kids and age appropriateness is noted. This is a very different model than most children’s museums that have small areas for little ones and where exhibits meet the needs 8 years old and up. We celebrate our uniqueness and service to very young children.**


Come play with us! Our museum serves children from birth to 7 years old!
They can touch, explore, create and more…this is their space to learn and grow.

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